Acupuncture Treatment of IBS Indigestion


Chief Complaint: Indigestion

Western Diagnosis: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Medical History: Patient came with the complaint of dull and heavy sensation in the abdomen , also weakness and lethargy. He was having irregular bowels timings ,and usually more than thrice daily.

Questioning exam: He told me that always feel an urge for stool , whenever there is anxiety or tension and also whenever he want to go outside to do his field work.also he felt weakness after passing stool.he was looking a bit confused,in a hurry and tense.The stool he pass was usually loose.

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Chinese Medicine for Indigestion and Plum Pit Sensation


Chief Complaint: Indigestion & plumstone throat

Western Diagnosis: 1. Indigestion. 2. Hypertension

History: Male. 63 years old.

Patient had had indigestion on and off for 8 months, continuous for last 2 months.

Drugs: had been taking and Angiotensin II Inhibitor for HBP for some time. Dosage increased 2 months ago. Antacid tablets for indigestion last 2 months

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