Acupuncture Treatment of IBS Indigestion


Chief Complaint: Indigestion

Western Diagnosis: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Medical History: Patient came with the complaint of dull and heavy sensation in the abdomen , also weakness and lethargy. He was having irregular bowels timings ,and usually more than thrice daily.

Questioning exam: He told me that always feel an urge for stool , whenever there is anxiety or tension and also whenever he want to go outside to do his field work.also he felt weakness after passing stool.he was looking a bit confused,in a hurry and tense.The stool he pass was usually loose.

Pulse exam: The pulse was thready and slippery.
Also the pulse rate was fast.

Tongue exam: Tongue body was light red, with a coating of sticky white colour.

OM Diagnosis: According to my assessment he was having a spleen disorder attacked by damp and a bit cold also.

Treatment Principle: I simply made my mind to resolve damp ,and give energy to stomach and make his mind to calm.

Point Prescription: As his case was a chronic one , and he had tried a lot with buy levaquin online many therapies with no result . So i first tried to make him calm with baihui-du-20, and shenmen-h-7.also qihai for some energy.I needled these pts. with even stimulation (manual). On third day I gave him 5 pricks on zusanli-st-36 , and sanyinjiao-sp-6 ,bilterly and baihui on the scalp without electrical stimulation.

Herbal Formula: NOT AT ALL.

Lifestyle Prescription: I just told him to have fibre rich diet.and avoid heavy and junk food.

Results: The result was excellent. As i was thinking of giving him points of complex patterns, but i was astonished to see miracle with these simple points,and treatment. After just 7 sittings , nearly all his complications were gone.and till now after 2years there is no recurrence of any symptom.

Synopsis: Till now I had treated more than 30 cases ,having these symptoms , and I’ve got excellent results. I’ll request to all my acupuncturist friends to use these simple points to treat these kind of symptoms ,and have good results. May god bless all.

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