Acupuncture Treatment of Painful Period


Chief Complaint: painful distension,fullness in chest and abdomen; constipation or tenesmus; emotional disturbance

Western Diagnosis: Dysmenorrhea

Medical History: age 40, has spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen,painful distension radiating in both flanks, severe and persistent low back pain some times accompanied with premenstrual tension, nausea, vomiting, headache and emotional disturbance before menstrual period for about 18 years.

Questioning exam: painful distension,fullness in chest and abdomen; constipation and tenesmus; emotional disturbance; lower abdomen reluctant to pressure; menstrual blood is dark in color, purple and lumpy. yellow urine.

Pulse exam: pulse is deep, wiring.

Tongue exam: tongue has purple congestive spot.

OM Diagnosis: retardation of Qi and stagnation of blood caused by liver Qi obstruction

Treatment Principle: regulate liver Qi;
eliminate congestion;

Point Prescription: GuanYuan, ZuSanLi, SanYinJiao and HeGu.
use reducing method.
moxibastion on GuanYuan.

Herbal Formula: No herbs needed.

Lifestyle Prescription: none.

Results: no pain and discomfort before and during menstrual period for 6 months at least 8 months.

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