Tongue Body Colors


Tongue body colors in Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Tongue Body Colors
The crimson tongue is a further exasperation of the red
tongue. It indicates pathogenic heat invasion in the nutritive
or blood level, latent heat in the Heart and Stomach,
or heat transmission into the pericardium.
yin deficiency leading to hyperactivity of fire
This blue looks like the blue in veins beneath the skin and
indicates excessive cold accumulation or blood stagnation.
Liver blood stagnation
excess cold accumulation
The purple tongue indicates blood stagnation caused
by a variety of pathogenic factors.
stagnation with, or due to a deficiency of bloodpale
stagnation alone or due to an accumulation of excess cold
stagnation due to yin exhaustion cloying the blood
dark red
The red tongue is a deeper red than the normal pink tongue.
It indicates various heat syndromes.
Yin deficiency heat
excess heat or yang qi excess
scanty coat
The pale tongue is less red than a normal tongue.
It indicates syndromes of deficiencies of qi, blood or yang.
Spleen and Stomach impairment with
qi and blood deficiency
qi deficiency fails to distribute body fluids
Spleen and Kidney yang deficiency prevents the proper
transformation of water and so creates dampness
IndicationsColors and Coats
no coat

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