The Red Tongue Body


Indications of coating variations of the red tongue body.

The Red Tongue Body and Indications of Associated Coatings.
The red tongue has a deeper red color than pink
thin with black Tongue body is small and thin, coating is black, thin and dry.
a. excess heat injuring the body fluids
b. yin deficiency with heat
black coat at tip Coating is black at the tip, but absent in the center and root.
a. interior excess heat, especially in the Heart
black moist,
red sides, tip The sides and tip of the tongue are red, the coating isglossy and black, and resides mostly in the tongue’s center.
a. interior cold with exterior heat
b. exterior summer heat with interior cold damp
c. heat in the Liver and Gall Bladder,
cold in the Stomach and Large Intestine
black glossy The tongue body is bright red, enlarged, and tender.
The coating is gray or black mixed with white,
as well as moist and rootless.
a. deficiency cold syndrome
white coat,
red sides the white coat covers the entire tongue,the sides are more red than the rest of the tongue
a. exterior wind heat
b. dampness obstructed in the chest and diaphragm
c. heat in the Liver and Gall Bladder
white coat,
red tip the white coat covers the entire tongue,the tip is more red than the rest of the tongue
a. excessive Heart fire
b. exterior wind heat syndrome
white glossy
b. Yang deficiency with accumulation of excess damp
this coating is white with excessive moisture
a. interior excess heat with dampness
powdery white this coating has a dim color and powdery flour-like quality
a. late stage of febrile disease, right qi is deficient and
damp heat pathogens are not yet expelled
Red Tongue
Indications Appearance

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