Limp, Stiff, Trembling, Quivering Tongue Body


Indications of Limp, Stiff, Trembling, Quivering Tongue Body.

Limp, Stiff, Trembling, Quivering Tongue Body
The stiff tongue lacks flexibility. It is difficult to protrude,
retract, or roll which can make it difficult to speak or give
rise to slurred speech. It results from extreme heat,
Liver wind, or phlegm disturbing the Heart.
retention of turbid phlegm in the interior or wind stroke
heat invading the Pericardium or
excess heat exhausting the body fluids
external cause
internal cause
The limp tongue is unable to protrude or curl up due to
atrophy of the tongue muscle. It is due to extreme deficiency
of qi and blood, or exhaustion of yin, either of which leads
to a severe lack of nutrition in the tongue muscle.
yin collapse
qi deficiency fails to distribute body fluids
deficiency of both qi and blood
IndicationsState and coats
chronic and pale
acute and dry
deep red
This tongue body  trembles uncontrollably. It indicates
malnutrition of the tongue body caused by a deficiency of
qi, blood, and body fluids; or internal wind due to any
one of various pathogenic factors.
extreme heat which
directly stirs up Liver winddeep red, withsevere trembling
body fluid exhausted by heat leading to internal wind
which manifests as spasm of the tongue muscles
body fluid impairment, depletion of yang,
deficiency of qi and blood
pale, with
slight trembling
red and dry

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