Acupuncture for Female Infertility


Chief Complaint: Female Infertility

Medical History: Irregular menstruation, sore back, night sweats,fatigue, dizziness

Questioning exam: Irregular menstruation, sore back, constipation, malar flush, night sweats

Pulse exam: Deep, thin, particularly weak and sometimes Floating, empty, rapid

Tongue exam: Thin white coat and swollen

OM Diagnosis: KD Deficiency

Treatment Principle: tonify Kidney Yin and Yang and treat chronic exposures to cold/damp during menstruation

Point Prescription: CV 7 – TH Mu, warm the uterus

CV 2 – warm the Uterus

CV 4 – tonify where to buy accutane in malaysia Qi

GV 4 – tonify Yang

KD 3 – tonify KD

Maciocia Point Selection:

CV 2 – warm the Uterus

CV 4 – tonify Qi

GV 4 – tonify Yang

KD 7 – tonify KD Yang

UB 23 – KD Shu

Lifestyle Prescription: yoga and exercise.

Results: (none included)

Clinic Name: Brandon Yoon

clinic address: 80 Henderson Rd

Kendall Park NJ 08824

clinic phone number: 732-422-7101

email address:


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