Traditional Asian Medicine for Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: Right shoulder pain for 2 months.

Medical History: In two months ago, he started a new job where he does a tremendous amount of lifting and balancing of heavy doors and cabinets. He feels sharp and stabbing pain over his right upper trapezius muscle and around his shoulder joint when he moves his shoulder in abduction. He feels better after a massage and hot Epsom salt baths but nothing has totally relieved his pain. Physical exam revealed pain and tenderness on palpation of the right upper trapezius, biceps brachii tendon, deltoid, pectoralis minor insertion and all of the neck muscles especially the scalenes and posterior muscle group.

Pulse: left kidney pulse is deep and thready, right pulse is wiry.

Palpation and Observation: Right shoulder muscles are tighter than the left, the shape is still no change. The right hand can reach the left ear by crossing the head; can reach left GB 21 by crossing the chest and can reach T 7 by crossing the back.

Tongue: pale and flabby body with thin white coating and right distended vein.

Diagnosis: right shoulder pain, Qi and blood stagnation.

Treatment Principle: move qi, disperse blood stasis, stop pain.

Acupuncture Treatment:
Sitting: GB 21В®, UB 13, LI 4, LI 15 В®, LI 11В®, LIV 5, ST 36, KD 3, Du 20.

Tuina Treatment:
1. Grasping on the neck for 3 min.
2. Grasping with single hand on GB 21 for 30 times.
3. Rubbing the right shoulder vertically for 30 times.
4. Grasping the deltoid for 10 times.

Herbal Treatment:
Xue Chu 30g, She Xiang 0.4g, Bing Pian 0.4g, Ru Xiang 4.5g, Mu Yao 4.5g, Hong Hua 4.5g, Zhu Sha 3.5g, Er Cha 7g. Topical application or intake 1.5g mix with wine each time.

Courtesy of:
Banjamin Apichai
L.Ac, OMD, MSA, MD (China)
Acupuncture Clinic of Westlake
1836 Westlake Ave. N. Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98109
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