Oriental Medicine for Tinnitus


Chief Complaint: tinnitus

Western Diagnosis: tinnitus

Medical History: The male patient, 56, overweight, does not keep special diet and is not exercising. The patient has a history of blood pressure.

Questioning exam: The male patient, 56, complaint of sudden ring in the left ear. At that time he was not concerned much and hoped that it will go away soon, but it did not. Soon he noticed, if he stressed the ring in the ear comes back again and stays there for a while, sometimes changing the tone.

Also, there was seborrhea furfuracea (dry) on the forehead observed.

Pulse exam: full, wiry

Tongue exam: red, yellow coating

OM Diagnosis: Tinnitus due to emotional strain, that gives Liver Fire rising

Treatment Principle: Subdue Liver Fire, calm the Mind, settle the Etherial Soul, ease the ears

Point Prescription: SJ17,SJ5, SJ3, GB20, GB43, GB8, Liv 2 with reducing method.

Herbal Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

Lifestyle Prescription: Avoid greasy food, that affects paired GB channel, excerise, avoid stressful situations.

Results: Improvements after second treatment.

Synopsis: Follow up appointments recommended.

Clinic Name: Acupuncture for Rehabilitation and Holistic Health

clinic address: 782 Northfield Avenue

West Orange, NJ 07052

clinic phone number: (973) 736-0777

email address: edward_izrailov@yahoo.com

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