Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines for Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: Pain in the Shoulder joints

Western Diagnosis: Shoulder Pain

Medical History: 17 year old male patient with a history of numerous bodily injuries due to playing football. The shoulder injury history of six months. Pneumothorax history ten years prior.

Questioning exam: Right shoulder pain constant dull ache, to sharp pain upon movement. Pain scale 8/10. Energy level 9/10. No decreased motion in joints.

Pulse exam: Pulse: bounding and choppy. Alarm points: LI4, LI10, LI11, LI14, LI15.

Tongue exam: Pale red with crack down middle. Thin.

OM Diagnosis: Local Qi and blood stagnation right shoulder joint. Injury causing stagnation and irritation in the channels of the lateral arm and shoulder joint.

Treatment Principle: Move qi and xue, tonify KI (to help with bone and joint strength).

Point Prescription: Right arm: LI4, LI11, LI14, LI15. E stim LI 14 to LI11.

Bilateral: KI 7, LR 3

Herbal Formula: Liu wei di huang wan

MSM and Vitamin C

Nutritional Advising

Lifestyle Prescription: Diet

Results: Excellent results

After 2nd treatment pain 5/10

After 3rd treatment pain 2 to 3 / 10

Last treatment no pain

Patient admitted to feeling better all over when taking Liu wei di huang wan.

Synopsis: Young people seem to heel very quickly and the patient responded very well to very few needles with e-stim locally. Short retention times.

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