The Acupuncture Treatment of Turner’s Syndrome


Chief Complaint: height stop growing after one and half years of age

Western Diagnosis: Turner’s syndrome

Medical History: The eight years French girl Leila C. came to see me on 07-10-99 along with her parents. She use to follow to the lower board of the normal height track since her was born. Between 1996-1998,her height did not be measured. June 1998, after her parents notice she was no more growing, She been sent to several specialist. She was been diagnosis with Turner’s Syndrome, but her reproductive system is well developed. Because Her Parents insisted to avoid the hormone replacement therapy. One of her doctor advised to try acupuncture.

Questioning exam: She is a healthy, active and shy girl. Because she did not speak English that moment, so all the communication is interpreted by her mother. She has no obvious complains, and she willing to use acupuncture by the kind explanation from her Mom.

Pulse exam: Pulse was normal pattern. these acupoints have been palpated with positive reaction: GUANYUAN, SHENGSHU, GANSHU,FENGCHI, BAIHUI,FENGFU, ZHUSHANLI.

Tongue exam: none abnormal sign been found

OM Diagnosis: To be honest, I have no clue of her condition at first. After reading more material of Turner’s Syndrome and join some chat room with some professionals throught internet. Her condition is considered as the result of deficiency of kidney yang.

Treatment Principle: enhance kidney energy & stimulating the pituitary gland

Point Prescription: all the positive points:GUANYUAN Ren 4, SHENGSHU UB 23, GANSHU UB 18, FENGCHI GB 20, BAIHUI DU 20, FENGFU, ZHUSHANLI St. 36 Plus Taixi Kid 3.

acupuncture Guanyuan and Zhushanli and acupressure rest of the points and the pituitary point on big toes according to reflexology.

in the first three month twice a week. then once a week. every six month have a break of one month.

Herbal Formula: N/A

Lifestyle Prescription: Her mother offer her more healthy diet with no specific instruction from any dietitians

Results: It is difficult to classify as good or bad. from the overall condition, she is more out-going, better cooperative with her sister and better sleep pattern. The Very Important is she is gaining 10 cm in past 17 month with acupuncture. She is still continuing the treatment, i will give your further report according to her treatment.

Courtesy of:
Chen Qiang BS
Jumeirah Medical Center
Dubai, 04, UAE
971 – 4 – 3445915

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