Acupuncture and Herbs used for Menstrual Pain


Chief Complaint: menstrual pain

Western Diagnosis: dysmenorrhoea

Medical History: This 35 year old lady has been complaining of pain and cramping after onset of period for past six months,and passing large clots with menstrual flow.She also reports extreme moodiness premenstrually.

Pain and cramping is relieved by pressure.She tends to feel hot but gets cold after eating.Her digestion is normal and bowels regular.Urination is normal with no nocturia. Sleeps well but wakes up feeling fatigued.

She has a history of Yang Ming headaches due to sinus congestion and was treated for post nasal drip due to allergies.

Pleasant lady with an active interest in alternative medicine. Emotions can be volatile.

Questioning exam: She experiences pain and cramping after her period begins and this is helped by pressure on the abdomen. She passes large dark clots with her period. This condition has been getting progressively worse over past few months.

When her sinus bothers her she only has a clear white mucus discharge and her lungs feel as if she cannot breathe properly.

She is a single lady with no children as yet but would like to start a family in the future.

Pulse exam: Her pulses were wiry and full on both sides and all positions were easily felt.The wiry pulse indicates a liver qi stagnation condition.

Tongue exam: Her tongue had a purple body with a light coat over the kidney area.

There was red papules in front going into the liver area and the tip was red.

OM Diagnosis: I diagnosed the pattern as Liver Qi and Blood Stagnation.

She had also some emotional disturbances due to this as her tongue tip was red.

Treatment Principle: Move Liver Qi and Blood and dispel Stagnation.Calm the Shen, relieve pain.

Point Prescription: Liv.3



P.C.6 & Sp.4(Chong Mai)


Ear Shenmen

Herbal Formula: Free and Easy Wanderer by Kaan Herbals.

One pill B.D.

Lifestyle Prescription: She was advised to avoid alcohol and hot greasy foods so as to cool her body down.

Also to avoid sugar as her liver qi could impinge on her spleen energy and cause it to become less efficient.

The spleen is weakened by sugar.

She needed to exercise regularly in order to relieve stress and to help release her body’s natural endorphins.

Meditation, yoga or qi gong would be of benefit to her to help relax her and ease the free flow of qi.

Results: She came for weekly acupuncture treatments for two months.Her menstrual flow became much less painful with smaller clots and an easier flow.

She felt that her mood had improved significantly and that she had less tension with her period time, and was more calm in general and sleeping very well.

She continues to have top up treatment twice monthly.

Synopsis: This lady was helped with her treatment and I am sure prevented other complications in the future e.g.fibroids in uterus.

On a mental emotional aspect, promoting the free flow of qi allowed her to be more productive in her life and to use her energy in a positive way…it unstuck her!

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