The Treatment of Menstrual Diarrhea with Acupuncture and Herbs


Chief Complaint: Early morning diarrhea which is worse just before and during menses.

Medical History: Generally nervous person, tends to internalize stress. Too much cold and sweet food. Exercises daily. Drinks wine several times per week. Previous antibiotic use with subsequent yeast infections.

Questioning exam: Symptoms worse with period.

Symptoms worse in the winter.

Symptoms worse with stress.

Pulse exam: wiry pulse which is slightly slow

very thin

Tongue exam: Puffy, pale, thin white coat, slightly purple body

OM Diagnosis: Liver Qi stagnation overacting on the spleen, over time this combined with poor eating habits caused the Spleen yang to get week.

Treatment Principle: Regulate Liver Qi

Warm spleen Yang

Point Prescription: Right side: LI4, SJ5, Sp9, LV3

Left side: P6, St36, St37, GB41

Also: R6 with moxa cones

Herbal Formula: Herbal Pills:

1)Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan – 8 pills 3x/day

2)Xiang Fu Li Zhong Wan -8 pills 3x/day

3)Pro Biotics – 2 pills daily

After symptoms were gone for 1 month, I replaced Xiang Fu Li Zhong Wan for Dang Gui Teapills.

Lifestyle Prescription: Eat warm, cooked foods. Minimize alcohol and sugar consumption.

Results: Excellent results. Over the course of two menstrual cycles the chronic diarrhea gradually reduced, and now, 3 months later, all symptoms are gone. She also has better periods, and more energy, and feels less nervous.

Synopsis: Good Result.

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