Acupuncture Treatment of Painful Periods


Chief Complaint: Painful periods

Western Diagnosis: Dysmenorrhea

Medical History: The patient is a 29 year old female with primary dysmenorrhea. Her menses started at the age of 12 and problems started at the age of 13. At the age of 8 she suffered a left inguinal hernia located about Liver 12, which was repaired surgically. The patient drinks alcohol on the weekends and smokes cigarettes regularly.

Questioning exam: Vomiting occurs before menses and lasts for up to 18 hours before any considerable relief. Cramps in the lower back and abdomen are also present. Thick sputum, excessive sweating, along with alternating hot and cold flashes, would also occur. During this time she also experiences breast distension and soreness and is extremely moody and irritable. Clotting is present and the flow lasts about 7 days. This problem has made her miss school and work. The patient is always cold, including the extremities. Vertigo also ensues during menses.The patient’s appetite is normal but she does get tired after eating meals. Her bowel movements are usually one softly formed movement a day, and urination is light yellow, and equal to her input of liquids. Other than these symptoms the patient states that everything is in the normal range.

Pulse exam: The patient’s pulses are wiry, with the spleen and kidneys deep, while the lung position is slippery and empty.

Tongue exam: The tongue is pale, thin, slightly wet with purple spots on the side, the kidney area is patchy with a thick coat, the tongue is also slightly scalloped and quivering. The Patient’s complexion is pale, and unblemished.

OM Diagnosis: The OM diagnosis is Liver qi stagnation, blood stasis and spleen qi deficiency with dampness and underlying blood deficiency. I came to liver qi stagnation because of the clots present during the menses, the breast distention and moodiness, along with the wiry pulse and spots located on the tongue. Spleen qi deficiency with dampness explains her soft to loose stools and the tiredness after eating along with the enlarged tongue to create scallops. The underlying blood deficiency presents itself in her pale complexion and vertigo along with the damage done to the liver meridian from the hernia.

Treatment Principle: I want to free course the liver, tonify the spleen, dispel the dampness, and nourish the blood.

Point Prescription: Points used were:

Lv 13, Lv 3, Zi Gong, Sp 10, Sp 9, Sp 6, Cv 4, Lv 8, Yintang, Du 20, St 36. Since the patient is needle sensitive, these points where not needled bilateral. Also, moxa was used on Cv8.

Herbal Formula: Raw formulas where given, but the patient could not drink them. Pills where then administered but the patient didn’t comply with the directions.

Lifestyle Prescription: The patient started to exercise more and cut back on her cigaretes.

Results: After 4 weeks of 2 treatments per week the patient didn’t have any vomiting, pain or light sensitivity during her next cycle. And after another 4 weeks of 2 treatments a week, her cycle was normal with no moodiness, breast tenderness or clots. Now the patient only comes for 1 treatment every 3 weeks and she is doing fine.

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