Chinese Herbal Medicines for Epidemic Diarrhea


Chief Complaint: diarrhea and fever

Western Diagnosis: neonatal epidemic diarrhea

Medical History: A 4 day old girl was born full-term on 24/06/2003. she started to cry feebly 30 seconds after delivery. Birth weight was 2.5 kilos. Sucking power was good and she took 20 ml of 10% glucose solution two hours after birth and was fed alternately breast feedings and artificial formula composed of water and milk in a ratio of 2:1. During pregnancy 2-degree calcification spots on the placenta were shown by ultrasound.

Four days after birth, the patient began to have diarrhoea at a frequency of more than ten times a day. Stool was described as watery, yellow or greenish in color, large amount with foul smell and undigested milky substances. She developed a fever of 38.5C (101.3F). she was noted to be thirsty and liked to suck water. She frequently passed flatus and was restless and cried a lot at night. Urination was quite frequent with large amounts of clear urine. There was an outbreak of epidemic diarrhea in the nursery with eight to ten cases of diarrhea discovered.

Questioning exam: diarrhoea, over 10 times per day. Stool was watery, yellow or greenish in coor, with foul smell and undigested milky substances. temperature: 38.5C (101.3F). thirsty. weak voice when cry. cold extremities, dark yellow skin and sclera.

Pulse exam: capillary vessel of index finger shows stagnant and light purplish color. superficial vein, which reach up to the Qi gate.

Tongue exam: red tongue body with thick yellowish coating

OM Diagnosis: heat diarrhoea and insufficiency of Middle Jaio

Treatment Principle: clear away heat to stop diarrhea, invigorate both Qi and Yin

Point Prescription: no acupuncture

Herbal Formula: Ge Geng Qin Lian Tang;

Ge geng 6g

Huang Qin 6g

Huang Lian 3g

Jin yin hua 9g

Fu Ling 6g

Shen Qu 9g

Lifestyle Prescription: when diarrhoea stopped, shen ling bai zhu san was used

Results: On the 6th day of life, the patient had diarrhea as before, but fever started to subside and jaundice was relieved slightly. Small superficial venules of the index finger were purple colour, stagnant and reaching up to Qi Guan (qi bar, or middle section of the finger). T: 37.5 °C (99.5 °F), cold extremities; numerous white, flaky plaques covering the oral cavity; mycotic –like rash on the skin of the buttocks. Distention of abdomen. Umbilical cord had dropped. Routine examination of stool was normal.

On the 10th day of life and after taking four doses of herbs, the patient’s general condition had improved significantly. She was able to drink more milk and her cries were louder. Diarrhoea started to subside, stool was slightly foul in smell and small in amount, five to six times per day. She was restless and cried a lot at night.

Tongue: red tip, with thin yellowish coating, thick on the root of the tongue

Pulse: red color on the venules on the index finger; reaching the Qi Guan on the right and Feng Guan on the left.

Prescription: Shen Ling Bai zhu tang

4th visit (5 days later): stool was soft and yellow but thin, sometimes watery, 3~4 times per day. Good appetite. Often crying and restless at night. Prescription: modified Shen Ling Bai Zhu San.

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