Oriental Medicine Treatment of Crohn’s Disease


Chief Complaint: sporadic diarrhea followed by severe Rt. quadrant pain and high fever

Western Diagnosis: Crohn’s disease

Medical History: Diagnosed as Crohn’s Disease ten years ago. The frequency of the episode progressively changed to few times a year to twice a month. History of double hernia surgery 15 years ago.

Questioning exam: Malar flush, mild afternoon fever,.

Depression, easy to anger, nausea or vomit right before the episode. Severe constipation ( once /5 days) between the episode. frequent urination(9-10 times/day), low back pain, weakness of the knees. no thirst, prefer room temp. water.red eyes, Low sexual desire.

Pulse exam: wiry pulse, Tenderness on the Rt. lower quadrant. Cold to touch below umbilicus, mildly hot to touch above.

Tongue exam: Red tongue, sticky yellowish coat in the center line of the tongue, puffed and scalloped.

OM Diagnosis: Damp heat and blood stagnation in the lower jiao. Constitutional kidney yang and Liver yin deficiency. concurrent liver qi stagnation

Treatment Principle: clear heat, drain damp and move blood from lower jiao, tonify http://buykeppraonlinenow.com kidney yang nourish liver yin.

Point Prescription: Front treatment: (LIV 11, 4, ST 25, 37, LV 3, KID 3, Ashi, REN 4, 6)

Alternate with Back treatment: (UB 18, 20, 23, 25, 32, ST 36, 37, LV 3, DU 4, LI 11)

Herbal Formula: Run chang wan for constipation (The patient didn’t comply, only taken for one day)

Lifestyle Prescription:

Avoid caffeine, dairy, sugar. reduce intake of cold and raw food.

Results: The patent’s condition improved little by little for first 2 months. A dramatic improvement occurred after applying needle top moxa on ren 4, 6 and DU 4, UB 23, occasional mountain moxa on REN 8 accompanied with needling.

Synopsis: In one year, patient had only very mild episode once in a 3 or 4 month. The episode happened when he broke his dietary restriction during parties. General condition improved a lot and he made his wife pregnant.

Clinic Name: Joan Choi

clinic address: 12 Jewett Ave. Tenafly, NJ , 07670

clinic phone number: (201) 655-1290

email address: choijoanacp@yahoo.com

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