Acupuncture Treatment for Anxiety


Chief Complaint: Intense anxiety and fear

Medical History: 26 yrs. old. female. patient said: “My mom came to visit and before she came I cleaned house for two days; I woke up in the middle of the night and recaulked the bathroom, ate 1/4 jar peanut butter and sugar/cereal until I got sick. When my mom left, I got anxious again, I sat home and feared that this is what my life would be like? I would never progress?

During interview, Patient exhibited lots of blue and groan in addition to being red/scorched and inappropriate laugh.

FYI: Patient is working with a licensed therapist. Not on any meds. 5’6″ tall and weighs 135 lbs. Does intense Yoga. College Grad. ?as 20 lbs heavier in college.

Questioning exam: patient’s Color, sound, odor, emotion:

Red, scorched, inappropriate laugh. She also pointed to the CV line – CV15 location on her chest when asked where she felt the anxiety on a physical level.

Pulse exam: Quality noticed on Kidney Pulse (left Proximal pulse) was constrained and low.

Tongue exam: tongue – normal, crack in heart area

OM Diagnosis: (this is a Five element diagnosis) of a heart/kidney axis that is not aligned for a patient who is a Fire CF.

Treatment Principle: Align heart /kidney axis

The goal is to correct the kidney pulse and, on a spirit level, address the fear and anxiety as reported by the patient. Because of being in the initial stages of treating on V and VI, it is deemed important to not treat multiple elements directly.

Point Prescription: This was the 3rd needle treatment. The first needle treatment was the 5-Element treatment for Internal Dragons: sedate MP CV 15, ST 25, ST 32, ST 41. In the second needle treatment Sources on V (PC) and VI (TH) were done after Akabanes were corrected.

The third needle treatment:

(1) CV 15 moxa 3 and needle to nourish CV 15 chosen to relieve severe anxiety. Because patient had some heat signs & warm hands and jiao but not a rapid pulse — Only 3 moxa cones were used. Moxa cones were big, the intent was not to tonify or sedate but to nourish.

CV 15 is the front Mu for Heart Protector, transforms Phlegm in the Heart and considered to the source pt for the Five Yin organs, hence the point is chosen for possible effect on physical manifestation of Kidney pulse and the spirit level of the point. One could say there is evidence of phlegm in the heart/Supreme Controller & the Patient expressed anxiety, feeling out of control, wanting to be “in control.”

(2) V6 (PC6), VI 5 (TH5) Tonify : Inner and Outer Frontier Gates. These are both major points in protecting the inner and outer kingdoms, allowing the shen to settle and facilitating communication in accord with the Supreme Controller. Helps with anxiety, depression & helps one express who one is. Both points clear heat. PC 6 influences chest and Heart and is used to replenish yin and Blood. PC 6 and TH 5 regulate the inner and outer gates of the supreme controller. These Gates should not be too open or too closed.

Herbal Formula: None

Lifestyle Prescription: None

Results: Patient said she felt a “box of protection” around her heart after this treatment. Patient just comes quarterly for “tune up” treatments.

Synopsis: Acupuncture treatments in conjuncture with talk therapy can be very effective for treating anxiety. The heart / kidney axis is often involved.

Clinic Name: Nancy Ann Miller

clinic address: 5549 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22207

clinic phone number: (571)236-5542

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