Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Constipation


Chief Complaint: constipation

Medical History: 32 yr. old male

works out 3x week

drinks- smokes on occasion.

Eats all the time

Fairly good diet..a fair amount of dairy

Questioning exam: Doesn’t evacuate for several days.

Is always thirsty

Has trouble falling asleep…light sleeper. Flushed complexion

Dark scanty urine

Has good apetite.

Headaches occasionally

Pulse exam: Pulse- rapid, slippery

Tongue exam: T-Red, dry yellow coat

OM Diagnosis: Heat constipation

Treatment Principle: clear heat, moisten the intestines

Point Prescription: st 25

bl 25

tb 6

ki 6

li 4

li 11


Herbal Formula: ma zi ren wan

huo ma ren 15 g.

bai shao yao 9 g

zhi shi 9 g

hou po 9 g

da huang 9 g

xing ren 9 g

modifications to nourish yin/generate fluids

sheng di huang 9 g

xuan shen 9 g

mai men dong 9 g.

Lifestyle Prescription: Lay off the dairy and alcohol, and other heat producing factors.

Results: After 4 tx, and with herbs, has been able to evacuate regularly and has had a better disposition

Able to sleep through the night.

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