Acupuncture and Herbs for Goiter


Chief Complaint: The thyroid was enlarged.

Western Diagnosis: goiter due to iodine deficiency

Medical History: The patient’s thyroid got enlarged, hard, accompanied with headache, stuffy nose, tending to catch cold and get tired, irregular menstruation, lumbago, neck soreness, and irritability.

Pulse exam: Pulse is wiry and thin.

Tongue exam: Tongue is red with white coating.

OM Diagnosis: Liver qi stagnation

Treatment Principle: Soothing liver qi and promoting blood circulation.

Point Prescription: Electroacupuncture
Points: Yin Tang, Feng Chi GB 20, Zu San Li St. 36, Tai Chong Liv 3, San Yin Jiao Sp. 6.

Herbal Formula: San Leng 3, E Su 3, Dang Gui 3, Chai Hu 2, Xia Ku Cao 3, Xuan Shen 5, Mu Li 5, Chuan Xiong 3, Xin Yi Hua 3, Bei Qi 5, Bai Zhu 3, Fang Feng 3.

Results: The enlarged thyroid was back to normal after 6 month treatment.

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