The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Vitiligo


Chief Complaint: Vitiligo

Medical History: This is 37 years old male suffering from vitiligo for almost 12 years. No history of vitiligo in family.

Questioning exam: fatigued, pale skin color, brittle nails, dry and warm eyes, frontal headache, numbness on both legs and hands, poor memory, insomnia with dream disturbed sleep, hair falling out, right hypochondriac pain, constipation, some times ringing in ears, low back pain with frequent urination (two times per night) low sex drive.

Pulse exam: Xu on the kidney position with excess in mid position (Stomach and spleen) Heart and left Kidney were deficient. Overall, pulse was deficient and slightly rapid.

Tongue exam: Pale on both sides (liver and Gallblader) and dry in center with yellow coating in the rear (lower jiao) position. Tip was slightly red.

Tongue spirit: distended veins with pale color and slight trembling.

OM Diagnosis: Qi with blood Xu. leads to yin and heart, liver blood xu. with heat in lower jiao.and kidney yin xu

Treatment Principle: Lab test: IP ( intestinal parasite) through Grate Smokies lab been made and we were able to cure it with in one month of special formulas from Biotics, and Jarrow herbal companies. Later I start Chinese medicine treatment.

Point Prescription: Liver 2 and 8 Gb 20 and 34 Kidney 3 and 6 spleen 6 stomace 37

Herbal Formula: first 10 days ( clean the xu heat)

Tao ren, Mu dan pi, Chai hu, long gu,huang qin, gan cao

for the next days:

tonify qi and blood with kidney and liver yin xu

Dang gui,sheng di huang,di huang,chuan Xiong,bai zhu,dan shen, shao yao, huang qi, gan cao

and i used to play with the formula evey 10 days …

Results: after 2 month of treatment his skin changed to red and his other symptoms disappeared. he been advised to expose to sun set once/day.

Courtesy of:
Dr. Khaled Abahosen

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