East-West Integration, Rewards of Using Herbs with Drugs


There has been much written about the threat of herbs interacting with drugs. In China, this is often the goal.

Beneficial interactions end up being called “integration”. Using herbs together with drugs has a number of positive outcomes including the following:

1. Reduce side effects, as in the chemo/herb integration.
2. Side effect reduction is potentiated by Chinese medical theory as shown in the chart that compares the outcomes of modified and unmodified formulas.
3. Improved clinical outcomes as in the integrated treatment using corticosteriods along side Chinese herbs.
4. Improved tolerance of side effects using antibiotics along side Chinese herbs.

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Western and Eastern Medicine Compared


A look at the similarities and differences between Western and Eastern medicine. Or biomedicine, traditional medicine, modern and ancient medicine.

This article looks at:
Two perspectives offering complimentary approaches
Microscopic and macroscopic perspectives
A quick definition of qi
A quick definition of yin and yang
A quick definition of spirit or “shen”
Scientific research versus the test of time

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