DSHEA Tutorial: Supplement Facts


If your company is making less than 0,000 per year then you don’t have to include the “Supplement Facts” on your label. If you are making more than $500,000 annually, you’ll probably want to go ahead and spend a few bucks on legal experts in package labeling and stop trying to save money by getting this information online here at gancao.net.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking online usa drugstore about:

"Supplement Facts" as commonly found on dietary supplements

"Supplement Facts" as commonly found on dietary supplements

Once again, go look at your tax return from last year. See the gross sales? Is it less than a half a million dollars? Good, you’re free to leave this information off of your label.

Is that great or what? Who said the FDA was out to get us?

Next: ingredients for success.

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