Acupuncture and Herbs for Insomnia


Chief Complaint: stress, insomnia

Medical History: busy, stressful time at work, having to discipline difficult employee. not running, doing yoga as usual. Awakes at 2 am, irritable.

Questioning exam: irritable, up at 2, out of healthy routine

Pulse exam: P: 80, wiry

Tongue exam: T: red, peeled sides & tip thin, white coat.

OM Diagnosis: LV Qi Stagnation-almost textbook

Treatment Principle: Smooth LV Qi & Calm Spirit

Point Prescription: LV.3 LI.4 PC.6 yintang ST.36 GB.21

Massage at Neck/Shoulders

Herbal Formula: xiao yao san 5:1 powder

5 scoops 3 X day as tea

Lifestyle Prescription: trade soda for herbs (tea)

drink more water

get back to exercise routine

Results: good results. improvement

over 6 weeks of treatments

1 X week.

Synopsis: able to sleep through nite

less irritability

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