One Point Acupuncture for Mental Restlessness


Chief Complaint: Too much thinking, scattered energy, and feeling hot

Medical History: Fast paced lifestyle, wife and mother of two, works two jobs, maintains household, not enough time in the day. diet: standard American diet, exercise: minimal,

Questioning exam: Thinking too much, Feeling lots to do; Easily frustrated, stress, easily angered, hanging onto emotional events of past; reddish complexion, talks fast, soft voice, overweight;

OM Diagnosis: excess above due to heat rising due to stagnation of qi.

Treatment Principle: Calm shen, gently move qi downward, and anchor qi, sedate rising qi and heat;

Point Prescription: baihui 1 point treatment

Lifestyle Prescription: improve diet to include lots of green leafy vegetables, reduce processed foods and meat to minimum, eliminate dairy, increase exercise and meditation time; get regular treatments

Results: excellent

Synopsis: Patient reported immediate relief; had an instant feeling of cooling at top of head, like cool water, washing over head, and down body; she reported remarkable difference in how she was feeling initially, and the relief felt during treatment, as well as continuing afterward.

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