The Treatment of Depression with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: depression

Medical History: 35 year old female with a history of depressive episodes for 6 years. Recent weight gain of 20#s. Reports lack of interest in life, lack of exercise, and diet that includes large amounts of sugars and refined flours.

Questioning exam: Premenstrual breast distension
Constipation alternating with diarrhea.
Irritability and anger
Heavy menstrual flow with dark clots
Restless sleep with strong dreams.

Pulse exam: right guan: vacuous and soggy
left guan: fine and wiry
right and left cun: short and slightly wiry

Tongue exam: swollen around edges.
Pale body with redder sides
Wet and think coating.

OM Diagnosis: Liver depression qi stagnation
Depressive heat. (harassing the heart)
Heart/Spleen disharmony (vacuity)
Blood stasis

Treatment Principle: Course the liver, rectify the qi.
Clear heat
Supplement the Spleen & boost the qi

Point Prescription: Lv2 through to Lv3 R
P6 L, LI4R
Du24, Ear Shenmen

Lifestyle Prescription: Greatly reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates. Initiated an exercise program.

Results: After 8 treatments of twice per week for 4 weeks the patient reported significant improvent in both mood and sleep.

Synopsis: I am always surprised at how effective a simple acupuncture protocol can be when combined with support for proper diet and lifestyle.

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