Acupuncture Treatment of Sciatica


Chief Complaint: Low back and leg Pain

Western Diagnosis: Sciatica

History: Patient had been seeing a chiropractor for some time with some improvement, but the progress had stopped.

Symptoms: Intense back pain on the right side lateral to L2-L5

Palpation: Choppy, big

Observation: Dark red and purple

OM Diagnosis: blood stasis

Treatment Principle: move blood and qi

Point Prescription: Ashi points in pain area threaded superficially in the direction of the pain attached to e-stim on rapid. В BL40 (used a lot of manipulation), BL60, LI4, SP6
Did 5 minutes tui na in the pain area

Results: Pain was gone 100% for 2 months after the 1st treatment, then she came back again, I did a similar treatment, ashi points had moved some and I did SP8 instead of SP6, pain has been gone for 2 months since then

Synopsis: I got a strong result with her because she is a robust woman with a lot of blood and qi to move around, the chiropractor thinks I am a god for getting this result

Name: Jason N. Bergman
Credentials: Doctor of acupuncture
Clinic Name: “Traditional and Natural Medicine” clinic
Street address: 172 Broadway
City: Providence
State: RI
Zip: 02906
Country: USA
Phone 1: 401 523 3253
Specialties: Pain, addiction, depression, weight loss

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