The Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Treatment of Migraines


Chief Complaint: migraine headaches

Western Diagnosis: no western explanation could be ascertained.

Medical History: This is a 60 year old male in relatively good health but readily apparent to be a type “A” personality with high stress levels.

Questioning exam: Upon questioning, his life was good from his point of view with no unusual high stress life experiences going on.

Pulse exam: Both kidney pulses were undetectable, while liver pulse was strong and full.

Tongue exam: Pale tongue with no coating, yet apparent liver fire in eyes.

OM Diagnosis: Liver yang rising, with liver fire, with liver blood deficiency and underlying kidney yin and yang deficiences.

Treatment Principle: Subdue rising liver yang while tonifying kidney yin and yang.

Point Prescription: liver 3, large intestine 4, gallbladder 34, 14, 20 was one treatment.

Alternating with spleen 6, heart 7, du 20, yintang.

Herbal Formula: Herbal: Long Dan Xie Gan Cao to pull plug on liver fire. I used tincture 3 dropperfuls 3 x a day for three weeks. Then changed to Tian Ma Gou Ten same dosage for three weeks.

Lifestyle Prescription: Encouraged patient to take yoga classes to quiet his mind.

Results: This patients migraines are completely gone. Treatment time: six weeks.

Synopsis: Maintenance acupuncture recommended every month. Long term herb use to keep yin strong.

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