The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Low Back Pain


Chief Complaint: Low Back Pain

Western Diagnosis: Lumbago

Medical History: Low back pain for nine years because of car accident. No smoking and alcohol.

Questioning exam: Low back pain and weakness for nine years

Pulse exam: wire pulse. Press pain alone the spine at L-4 to s1.

Tongue exam: red and dry tongue.Limited movement at low back.

OM Diagnosis: kidney yin deficiency. Chronic Low Back Pain.

Treatment Principle: tonic kidney yin. Release blockage at bladder channel.

Point Prescription: local asi points and the points of bladder channel.

Herbal Formula: Liu wei di wang wan, take orally , eight pills three times a day.

Lifestyle Prescription: lose weight, excise , heating pad, infred light therapy, massage.

Results: Only three treatments, The patient feels pain free.

Synopsis: Acupuncture is a very safe and effective treatment compared with other treatment such as surgery and pain pills, etc.

Courtesy of:
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