The Treatment of Migraines with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: headache for over 20 years, and migraine pain(level 8) for six years

Medical History: patient is 42y/o female, has been to many doctors, chiropractors, and taking many medicines, but nothing helps. she felt headache in every single minutes. the migraine pain happened most of the time is during the period. Patient is a college teacher, teachs at two colleges. no smoking, no drinking history. Working out occasionaly, and sometimes swimming could trigger migraine pain.

Questioning exam: patient felt bitter taste in the mouth, sometimes with constipation

Pulse exam: the pulses are string-taut,and deep.

Tongue exam: tongue was redden with white coating patient’s face was flushed, slightly overweight

OM Diagnosis: Upsurge of Liver Yang due to stagnation of qi or stresses, which damages the yin. Excessive liver yang attacked the head caused headache and migraine pain. Also, because the live and gallbladder are related externally and internally. Accumulated heat in gallbladder derived from the upsurge of liver yang caused the bitter taste in mouth.

Treatment Principle: select points of jueyin, shaoyang, and taiyang meridians of foot to pacify the liver yang.

Point Prescription: fengchi (GB 20), zhiyin, fenglon, hegu (LI 4), lieque (Lu 7), dazhu (Du 14), jianzhongshu, fengmen, taichong (Liv 3).

Results: after the first treatment, patient felt no headache the first time in over 20 years, and from the second time, the headache was gone completely. After treatments, patient has had one migraine pain, but the pain level reduced to level 5.

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