Treatment of Herpes Zoster (Shingles) with Asian Herbal Medicine


Chief Complaint: Damp heat

Western Diagnosis: Herpes Zoster

Medical History: 33 yr old male civil engineer with recent onset red inflamed area on left lateral thigh for one week.

Pulse exam: Liver pulse wiry Spleen pulse Xu

Tongue exam: Yellow coat on back scalloped on sides Red

OM Diagnosis: damp heat Liver over acting on spleen

Treatment Principle: remove damp heat

Point Prescription: Liv 3 St 42 Sp 9,1 Gb40 Li4 Kid3 Ear adrenal and liver

Herbal Formula: huang Lian Su

Lifestyle Prescription: Don’t eat spicy foods Eat bland food Practice relaxation techniques and sleep

Results: resolved after 3 days and 2 treatments

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