Acupuncture Treatment of Chest and Low Back Pain


Chief Complaint: Chest and Low Back Pain

Medical History: 30 yrs, female, regular smoker, thin build, 2 years severe pain in chest and back western dx not available – heavy pain and muscle relaxant meds, bloating after eating, headaches shaoyang 1-2x / wk.

Questioning exam: night sweats, irritability, strong stress in life especially at the time of onset, dark circles under eyes, cold hands and feet, tendency toward constipation, wakes 1x at PM to urinate, PMS – mood swings, breast sensitivity, period – dark clots and cramps, heavy flow.

Pulse exam: surging, esp in Lu and Bl positions, Lv was sunken and excess.

Tongue exam: red and moderate purple, thin white coat.

OM Diagnosis: Kd yin def: night sweats, pain in lower back

Heat in Lung: Pain in the lung, smoker, excess Lu position pulse (surging quality)

LV Blood stasis: pulse in LV position, sunken and slippery, cramping menstruation, darker blood and purple tongue.

Treatment Principle: 5 phase treatment: Nanjing Ch75

Tonify KD, LU

Diperse LV

Point Prescription: KD7 LU5 LV8, Sp6, ST40, LI6, GB39, SI6, BL 14, BL18, BL23, josen

Lifestyle Prescription: stop smoking, talk therapy, no greasy, spicy foods and dairy

Results: 5 treatments 90% pain free. after first treatment pain returned 6 hours later. Treated 2x week for 3 weeks. 10 treatments later pain free. Patient on maintenance schedule 1x treatment every 2 wks.

Clinic Name: Robert Yauckoes, LicAc MAOM

clinic address: Natural Wellness Clinic, LLC

665 Franklin Street

Framingham MA 01702

clinic phone number: 508.405.2881

email address:


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