Acupuncture Treatment of Low Back Pain


Chief Complaint: Pain in lumbar region and back for 10 months, aggravated by turning body and not relieved by lying down

Medical History: 45 years male teacher smoker well-built, generally well, weight 95 kg and height 170 cm, with truncal obesity and sedentary way of life,MRI for lumbar region normal,

Questioning exam: his pain is worse in rainy days
and is more severe at night. but better with medication (analgesics).

Pulse exam: on examination locally tender areas at the back at level of lumbar vertebrae 3,4,and 5 no swelling or discoloration in the skin
Pulse exam: Pulse is deep and moderately slow

Tongue exam: thin white greasy tongue coating

OM Diagnosis: cold damp type of lumbar.

Treatment Principle: move the damp, warm the coolness and treat the pain

Point Prescription: Shenshu (UB23),Weizhong (UB40),yanglingquan (GB34), plus Ashi points {EVEN method}and Fengfu (Du16) (with moxibustion)

Lifestyle Prescription: lose weight and light exercise

Results: patient improved just after first treatment and showed almost n pain at 5th treatment

Synopsis: western medicine was reducing his pains but stopped it while acupuncture only does.

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