The Treatment of Bi Syndrome “Knee Arthritis” with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Bi Syndrome “Knee Arthritis”

A female patient age 60 yr old with chief complaint of right knee pain deteriorating over a period of 2 years ,the pain is localized in the right knee accompanied by heaviness sensation, worse with cold and partially alleviated by warm compresses.

Over the period of two years and after seeking medical advice the patient had several modalities of treatment none of them could stop the progress of the pain. The x-ray film revealed osteo arthritic changes of the knee joint together with marked osteoporosis,so the treatment was composed of different forms of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs “NSAID” together with Vit B 12 injection ,calcium supplement tablets and local anti inflammatory creams, gels, with nutritional advice because of her overweight.

The pain could diminish for few hours during the day but the bad side effects of the drugs lead her condition to worsen with gastritis. The patient was mild hypertensive controlled with medications.

After visiting my clinic:

Examination of the patient revealed the following: The patient was overweight, generally in a good status, painful walking. Blood pressure stable and heart condition was good.

Pulse examination: 70 per minute soft and deep character.

Tongue examination: white thick coating.

Right knee: cold painful,edema of the right food previously revealed no diagnosis.

The condition was Bi Syndrome of Cold dampness phlegm,

the principle of treatment was to dispel the phlegm dampness and eleminate the cold, promote the blood and eleminate the blood stagnation .

Treatment received: acupuncture treatment.

Points: Stomach 35 “dubi” and the extra point Xiyan at the same level of
the knee joint together called (knee Eyes),Stomach 40 “Fenglong”
Spleen Channel points: Sanyinjiao Spleen 6,Yinligquan Spleen 9
Gall Bladder Channel:Yanlingquan Gall Bladder 34

Cycles of treatment:every other day

Adjacent treatment modality: ear acupuncture points, knee, sympathetic, endocrine, ear shenmen, spleen, stomach With mild stimulation for 15-20 minutes.

Point stimulation: all the body points mentioned were punctured and twirling of the needles was done every 10 minutes for 30 minutes, fenglong stomach 40 received moxibustion piles (warming needles 2 times each setting.t dispel the cold and eliminate the dampness.

Progress: After three settings,the right foot edema completely disappeared,the pain diminished markedly and the general condition was better,especially after gastritis symptoms disappeared.

After 15 settings the knee pain disappeared with marked progress in the case,starting to stand up without assistance after the fifth setting and ending with walking without assistance.the acupuncture again could prove its good effect in promotion of blood and decrease the inflammatory process in joints.together with the ear acupuncture effect as well as the moxibustion rule in elimination of blood stagnation.

Courtesy of:
Eslam Mohammed Yakout M.B.Ch.B.
Dr.Eslam Yakout Acupuncture and rehabilitation,cosmetic center
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