Oriental Medicine Treatment of Fatigue and Anemia


Chief Complaint: Fatigue
Western Diagnosis: Anemia
History: Nothing of note
Symptoms: Low energy, difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings. Sweats easily during the day, poor appetite, bloating. Feels cold.
Palpation: Pulse on both positions is empty, slightly wiry on the left side.
Observation: Tongue is pale, swollen with teeth marks and wet.
OM Diagnosis: Spleen Qi Xu – Kid Yang Xu – some Liver Qi Stagnation
Treatment Principle: Tonify Spleen /Stomach – Move Liver Qi
Point Prescription:
SP3 X2
ST36 X 2 – MOXA
SP6 X 2
LU 7
KI 3
Herb Prescription: Liu jun zi tang – Tonifies middle burner, strengthens the Spleen Qi, Expels Dampness, Moves stagnant Spleen Qi
Lifestyle Prescription: Avoid excessive carbohydrates/dairy/sweets. Increase Exercise Levels

Results: Immediate improvement in energy levels after 1st treatment. Patient has had 4 treatments in total and energy levels are very good.
Name: John Lally
Credentials: Lic.Ac.Tcm Clin.Ac. (Beijing, China)
Clinic Name: Blue Heron Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Street address: Ard Ri House, Lower Abbeygate Street
City: Galway
Country: Ireland
Phone 1: 091 895 748
Email: info@blueheronacupunctureonline.com
Website: http://blueheronacupunctureonline.com

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