Acupuncture and Oriental Herbs for Fatigue


Chief Complaint: low energy

Western Diagnosis: fatigue

Medical History: diet almost vegetarian, not much appetite, slow digestion stressful life no serious illness in the past

Questioning exam: Low energy, more so in the afternoon, prone to anxiety, feels cold often, sleep deeply and a lot.

Pulse exam: deep wiry

Tongue exam: pale wet, slightly swollen

OM Diagnosis: Kidney yang deficiency

Treatment Principle: Tonify kidney yang, warm chi

Point Prescription: Needle and moxa om ki7 ren 4, Bl 23

Supportive treatment of Sp chi by needle and moxa on Sp3, Ren12, Bl20

Herbal Formula: Bai wei di huang wan

Lifestyle Prescription: gentle exercise, diet of warm food

Results: energy improved steadily, the afternoon low tide disappeared, the patient felt warmer, more optimistic, digestion improved. Once the acupuncture treatment stopped the patient kept taking the herbal formula in capsule form for a while , this consolidated the result

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London SW18 5LU

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