Acupuncture Treatment of Depression


Chief Complaint: severe depression due to recent back surgery

Medical History: Client has recently had back surgery, is slowly coming off oxycodone, presents with severe depression. Low appetite, little pain at this point. NO exercise as it is not appropriate at this time. Wears a back brace.

Questioning exam: severe depression, suicidal ideation, recent back surgery, some pain

Pulse exam: tight, wiry, heart pulse superficial, slightly rapid.

Tongue exam: Tongue: thin white fur, red tip and sides, dark red body

OM Diagnosis: Local qi and blood congestion obstructing channels and collaterals. Liver qi congestion, blood stagnation leading to liver yang rising and heart fire with underlying kidney deficiency

Treatment Principle: Calm the spirit, Move qi and blood, nourish heart and kidneys. Relieve pain

Point Prescription: Auricular acupuncture: bilateral: shen men, sympathetic, kidney, liver, heart

As needed for pain relief: ling ku, SI 3, SJ 5, PC 6, Da Bai, KI 3, UB 60, 62, KI 8(ASHI)LIV 3, GB 41,

Herbal Formula: None desired by client at this time.

Lifestyle Prescription: Strengthening transverse abdominis by isometic muscular control

Results: good results at calming the spirit and pain control. pt. comes 1 time/week and 2 whenever possible.

Synopsis: The main treatment has been calming the spirit the treatment will get more complex as the western drugs are tapered off and physical therapy is started.

Clinic Name: Sara Weinberg, L.Ac.

clinic address: 3179 College Ave. #4

Berkeley, CA. 94705

clinic phone number: 510-316-1391

email address:


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