Acupuncture Utilized to Address MMR Side-effects


Chief Complaint: Side effects from MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunization

Medical History: 13 month old female in good health, 21lbs., 30″ tall. No major illnesses reported-child has never received antibiotics. No ear, nose, or throat complaints. Child drinks approx. 20 oz. of organic cow’s milk daily, otherwise she drinks room temperature water. Parents reported feeding her a variety of table foods. The child takes two naps daily and sleeps through the night. The parents reported the child as having “normal “bowel habits, although they occasionally notice some undigested food in the stool. The child is characterized as happy, easy going, and very social.

Questioning exam: Parents reported noticing changes in their child two days after she was immunized. The described symptoms were: excessive fussiness, decreased appetite, little thirst, fatigue, clinginess, looser BM (2-3 times a day), disturbed sleep (waking up twice during the night).
Seven to eight days after the immunization was given, the child began having fevers (100.9-102) that lasted a couple of a days. The parents reported giving the child Motrin to control fever- they denied any sweating.

Pulse exam: Weak

Tongue exam: Tongue: Pink body w/ sl. thicker white coating
Complexion: pale
Skin tone: flacid and slightly moist to the touch

OM Diagnosis: Spleen deficiency and Qi deficiency

Treatment Principle: Tonify spleen. Tonify qi.

Point Prescription: St 36
Sp 6
Lu 9

Administered five consecutive acupuncture treatments.

Results: The child responded very well to the treatments. Per the parent’s observations, their child has returned to her “old self”.

Synopsis: By strengthening the spleen and boosting the overall qi of the body, the child regained the energy needed to dispel the lingering pathogenic, qi-weakening factor left behing by the immunization.

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