Sports Medicine with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: big toe hurts, neck pain

Western Diagnosis: sports sprain

Medical History: a football athlete from Steelers, his left big toe hit the ground straight when playing football. No pain killers. Regular diet, no regular rest, a lot of competition

Questioning exam: Pain duration: one month.
Intensity: About 7-8, hurts all the time, ice makes it feel better.

Pulse exam: (left)heart slow and strong,the other two are normal (right)normal, typical athlete pulse

Tongue exam: red tip(in summer), pink tongue with slight white coating

OM Diagnosis: Local Qi and Blood stagnation(big toe area and related liver-spleen meridian),based on injury history and no internal organ imbalance pattern

Treatment Principle: improve circulation in related area and meridian, support energy flow in the toe and neck

Point Prescription: neck: only TuiNa with rolling and one-Finger technique
Toe: Liv3(L), sp1(L),Sp2(L),Ashi points.Combined with moxa everyday and TuiNa

Herbal Formula: TNJ for energy

Lifestyle Prescription: Eat balanced diet, reduce or stop coffee, not a lot alcohol. Stop ice, more heat to the affected area. TNJ to affected area if needed.Avoid position to touch it incorrectly and wear comfortable shoe

Results: after 1st acupuncture treatment and TuiNa, neck pain is gone. Toe is better, still hurts. I asked him to use moxa everyday, each time 10 mins at least; after a week, his toe much better. He is now in competition again.

Synopsis: note: moxa is the best solution for soft tissue injury

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