Chinese Medicine Treatment of Premature Menopause


Chief Complaint: early menopause symptoms

Western Diagnosis: early menopause

History: For past year, at age 39, patient complains of irregular menstruation (missing months, or 2x per month), hot flashes, migraines, night sweats, fatigue.  High anxiety.  Healthy prior to this.

Symptoms: Night sweats, fatigue, hot flashes, irregular menstruation, frontal headache / migraines, constipation, PMS / irritability, anxiety, insomnia

Palpation: thready, slightly wiry, slightly. slippery

Observation: Pale, red tip, central crack, slight. dusky, dusky underneath, scalloped sides

OM Diagnosis: Spleen qi deficiency/blood deficiency and stagnation, liver qi stag, deficient and excess heat from blood / yin def and qi stagnation.

Treatment Principle: calm shen, Tonify blood, move qi and blood, clear heat, strengthen spleen.

Point Prescription: Liv 3, LI4, sp9, sp 6, LI11, liv2, gb41, liv 8, p6, gb 38 (HA), kid 6 – yin tang as headaches recede throughout treatment course – plus NADA ear points which I do on everybody.

Herb Prescription: Jia wei xiao yao wan combined with tian ma gou teng wan.

Lifestyle Prescription: reduce caffeine intake, avoid MSG, avoid spicy and greasy food, reduce sweets / refined carbs, reduce damp causing foods e.g. yogurt.

Results: My patient has no more heat symptoms and her anxiety is almost non-existent.  Her headaches are gone and she sleeps soundly through the night.  She now comes in for maintenance, every 2 weeks.  Her periods are regular, at 28 day intervals.

Synopsis: My patient is very pleased.  It seems that we have thwarted her “early menopause” and her quality of life is greatly improved.  She feels better than in years!

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