Acupuncture Treatment for Lack of Menstrual Period


Chief Complaint: pain in flanks and lack of menstruation.

Western Diagnosis: amenorrhoea

History: Patient is 28 years old. Had tonsils removed and appendectomy in childhood, Broken left leg at 16 years old. No other medical condition

Symptoms: Started to have pain in flanks about 8 months ago. Concurrently the time in between periods got longer until the menstrual flow diminished and stopped in 2-3 months. Pain in flanks is more evident on the right side.

Palpation: Wiry (more on R side) deep on the right side and weak on the left side.

Observation: Reddish-purplish, small red dots on tip (heart).

OM Diagnosis: Liver Qi stagnation leading to Blood stasis in middle burner.

Treatment Principle: activate free flow of Liver Qi, activate and invigorate Blood.

Point Prescription: Liv 3, Li 4, Liv 13, Spleen 10, UB 17, CV 4, Spleen 6, St 36, UB 18, UB 20, UB 23.

Lifestyle Prescription: Qigong and breathing exercises

Results: after first treatment there was some menstrual discharge of little and darkish with black clots. After 3 treatments the menstruation returned but it was still not regular. After 9 treatments the second period was almost “normal”.

Synopsis: recent conflict mixed with chronic personal problems led the Liver Qi to stagnate eventually producing distention type pain in the flanks.

The ongoing imbalance also had impacted the Blood that produced stasis and stopped the normal flow.

The patient was not aware that emotions can lead to such symptoms so fast and to that extent.

She really liked the practice of Qigong and wants to learn more about it.

l am confident that if the patient continues her exercises she will be able to cope with certain emotional reactions and she will find herself more stable, joyful and calm.

Name: Jean Marc St Germain Ac., MQP, B.Sc.
Credentials: L.Ac. and medical qigong practitioner
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City: montreal
State: Quebec
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Country: Canada
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