Traditional East Asian Medicine for Amenorrhea


Chief Complaint: lack of Period

Western Diagnosis: Amenorrhea

History: previous 24 hr labor ending in c-section, 5 month long urinary tract infection which antibiotics weren’t treating.  Migraines once a month or more often for past 12 years.

Symptoms: 31 year old woman who had not experienced a period in 3 years.  Fatigue, trouble sleeping, irritability, stress, dizziness, cloudy urination, slightly painful urination, shortness of breath, Headaches behind eyes.

Palpation: moderate rate, mid level, thin overall quality. wiry liver, choppy heart, soggy spleen and thin Kidneys.

Observation: Pale tongue with thin white coat, scalloped edges.  Puffy and moist

OM Diagnosis: Amenorrhea due to Spleen qi and blood deficiency with liver qi stagnation

Treatment Principle: tonify spleen qi and blood, move liver qi, start period

Point Prescription: LI4, LV3, St36, Sp6, Sp4, PC6, Cv6, SP10, buy clonazepam cod Sp9, CV2

Herb Prescription: Ba Zheng Tang and Free and Easy Wanderer

Lifestyle Prescription: I recommended that she stop nursing her 2 year old in order to enhance her own energy.

Results: Patient got her period the next day, and never had another migraine, UTI’s ceased after second Treatment and the patient became pregnant after the third treatment.

Synopsis: This was a classic example of spleen qi xu and liver Qi stagnation resulting in a variety of different symptoms, all of which were easily treated with acupuncture and herbs.

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