Herbs and Acupuncture for IBS Diarrhea


Chief Complaint: Chronic diarrhea for 10 years

Western Diagnosis: IBS.

Medical History: Female, 67y. She has chronic diarrhea for 10 years, which was diagnosed as IBS. Diarrhea 4 to 5 times everyday, which refrains her from going out, loose stools, no obvious abdominal pain before diarrhea, poor sleep, dry mouth.

Questioning exam: Tenderness around umbilicus. She is stressful, but denied diarrhea related to emotional disturbance.

Pulse exam: pulse is soft and thready.

Tongue exam: pink tongue with pale thin coating.

OM Diagnosis: Spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

Point Prescription: ST25, SP6, ST37, ST39, RN4, BL23.

Herbal Formula: Bu gu zhi, Wu zhu yu, Rou dou kou, Wu wei zi, Dang buy cialis online shen, Huang lian, Fu ling, Cang zhu, Bai zhu, Zhi gan cao, Shan yao, Lian zi, Yi yi ren, Jie gen, Sha ren, Huo xiang.

Lifestyle Prescription: Avoid raw and cold food and fruits, especially those taken directly from fridge. Avoid spicy food.

Results: After just one week, only once diarrhea which was a little loose. Four weeks later, above-mentioned symptoms disappeared.

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