Acupuncture and Herbs for Abdominal Pain


Chief Complaint: Abdominal Pain

Western Diagnosis: Acute Gastritis

Medical History: Patient is a 30 year old female student. Average diet. In general runs cold and damp with underlying KID yang def.

Questioning exam: Patient had pain in lower abdomen and left lower quadrant following a night of drinking ETOH (Ethyl Alcohol i.e. beer and alcohol) and greasy foods. Felt burning dull achy pain in LLQ. Loose stools with burning at evacuation.

Pulse exam: Pulse rapid, surging. Abdomen tender in LLQ and around ST25 left side.

Tongue exam: Tongue thick and greasy, buy cheap zithromax no prescription body swollen. slightly yellow.

OM Diagnosis: Damp heat obstructing the LI. Patient’s normal damp constitution was exacerbated by dietary irreg. leading to damp heat obstructing the LI.

Treatment Principle: Clear heat, drain damp, course LI.

Point Prescription: ST 25, Ren 9, SPL 9, St 36, Ren 7, SJ6

Herbal Formula: Shao Yao Tang

Lifestyle Prescription: No ETOH , clear bland diet

Results: Pain reduced same day. BM normal in 36 hours

Clinic Name: Healing Point

clinic address: 5054 Sheridan Ave. Chicago IL 60640

clinic phone number: 773-297-5767

email address:


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