The Herb and Acupuncture Treatment of Psoriasis


Chief Complaint: red itchy skin

Western Diagnosis: psoriasis

Medical History: 38 year old male with psoriasis for 10 years. He believes it was caused by photo-processing chemicals. He has been treated with steroid-family injections but relief is temporary. He also uses creams, Ultravate and Duvanex to control itching. His pulse is slow and he exercises regularly.

Questioning exam: He states the psoriasis lesions worsen in winter, with stress, and possibly with spicy food.

Pulse exam: Slow, wiry cun (right) is slippery weak.

Tongue exam: red dusky tongue grey dry coating

OM Diagnosis: Heat in the blood lung and liver

Treatment Principle: cool blood, clear lung and liver heat

Point Prescription: GB20, LI11 Li4 SP10 Li2 GB43 SJ10 YinJang

Herbal Formula: Huang Lian Jie Du Tang

Lifestyle Prescription: less spicy food, no alcolholic drinks

Results: One week later he reports it’s better, his lesions are thinner and less red.

Courtesy of:
Quli Zhou L.Ac., OMD
Eternal Health Acupuncture Center
1848 Saratoga Ave, #2
Saratoga, CA 95070
408 379-6638

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