The Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment of Diarrhea


Chief Complaint: Weight loss/diarrhea

Western Diagnosis: Diarrhea with unknown reason

Medical History: Diarrhea for 5 years. Has to go the rest room 6 to 7 times a day. Fatigue. Low back pain. He has consulted many different doctors and tried all kinds of alternative medicine but acupuncture before he finds me.

Questioning exam: He owns a small business. He fills stressful on managing the daily business. Business fluctuation, employee problem. Whenever he tries to take meal, he has to go to the restroom before he finishes it. He is tired all the time, because of lacking of nutrition. Food is going out before full digested.

Pulse exam: Wiry, Slippery, Rapid, Weak on #3В®
Rapid, Deep, Wiry, Weak on #3(L)

Tongue exam: Red with redder tip, Teeth mark, Slight yellow tongue coat

OM Diagnosis: Disharmony of Liver and Spleen
Deficiency of Qi and Yang

Treatment Principle: Soothe the Liver Qi depression
Tonification of Spleen

Point Prescription: St 25, St 36, Ren 6, Ren 12, St 44, Sp 9
Ub 20, Liv 13, Sp 3, Du 4, K 2,
Zhi Xie Xue, Ub 60, Pc 6, Sp 4, St 34, Sp 15, H 7, Du 20,

Herbal Formula: Bai zhu 90 g
Bai shao 60 g
Chen pi 45 g
Fang feng 60 g
Sheng ma 9 g

Lifestyle Prescription: Not particular

Results: He has visited my clinic office 5 times.I am using Quali-herb systems. I treated him with needles only for his two visits. I prescribed herbal medicine and gave it to him at his third visit. 2 days after his trying the herbal medicine, he called me and declared his five year old chronic diarrhea had stopped. He becomes very healthy now, because he can eat regularly, nutrition is absorbed well, and there is no diarrhea any more. He can exercise regularly now.

Synopsis: Some marshal art athletes have dirrhea from the morning until they finish their matches, when they do not get used to be on the tournaments. They feel extremely nervous. Their digestion systems are not working properly until they get over the situation. This patient was in same situation. He was nervous when he got financial and employee problems. He could not manage his nervous emotion properly for a long time. I have treated him five times. But his last two visits to me was for his flu problem. I met him again recently. He became different person. Very healthy now.

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