New Year’s Message to Pakistani Acupuncturists, 2005


The Acupuncture Promotion Society appears to enjoy my writing style which looks at world events through our shared language of Oriental medicine. This note was published in the APS’ membership journal. This message was mostly in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at conception as the blending of two energies, those being heavenly Yang and earthly Yin. Likewise, death is defined as the separation of Yin and Yang. The soul ascends to heaven and the body is cast off to return to the earth.

In this way, life is like a wave of energy that passes through matter. I think of life like the ocean as a wave passes through it. Although it appears that the water itself is traveling, it really just rises up for a moment, then settles down again just like our bodies that rise then return to the earth. The wave is energy that passes through the water, but the water is somewhat stationary.

Einstein taught that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. As long as our conscious energy continues to flow through matter, so it is that we shall all continue to witness the miracles of birth and death.

The analogy of waves is particularly poignant for the world during this new year’s celebration as we mourne the loss of incalculable thousands of lights extinguished by a very different kind of wave, the killer tsunami.

Ultimate Yin transforms into Yang, from tragedies arise blessings. Sri Lanken ethnic groups that have been fighting for decades have begun to work together to address the tragedies facing their island. While nations of the world scramble to come to the aid of those countries surrounding the Indian ocean we are also provided the opportunity for a true international coalition acting without ideological bias or hidden economic incentives.

My new year’s wish is that our blessings are as profound as our loss, and I’m absolutely sure that they will be.

Al Stone
December 31, 2004

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