AOM Day Comes to Pakistan (2002)


by Sarfraz Ahmad

By the grace of God AOM Day Seminar on 24 th October 2002 in Lahore, Pakistan met a great success as renowned Acupuncturists from the whole country attended and joined us with zeal & zest. The Speakers elaborated the importance of Acupuncture and its scope of implementation especially in Muscles, Tendons disorder, Mental & Psychological disorders.

The APS president Dr. Javed Iqbal Choudhry offered his services to the Government for the implementation of Acupuncture in Government Hospitals. He declared that Acupuncture would play a vital role in the projects of rehabilitation of the disabled. The press coverage reports will be also communicated to you very soon.

Your Message was read out in the Seminar and was also published in the magazine “The Acupuncture World “. The participants appreciated your cooperation & hectic efforts to promote Acupuncture in the world.

Once again many thanks from the Executive Council of APS for your cooperation with the Acupuncture Promotion Society

Sarfraz Ahmad ( Information Officer APS)

aomday3 AOM Day Comes to Pakistan (2002)

The stage is set for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine day in Lahore, Pakistan.

aomday1 AOM Day Comes to Pakistan (2002)

Acupuncturists from across Pakistan took part in the lectures.

aomday2 AOM Day Comes to Pakistan (2002)

The Cover of the special edition "The Acupuncture World" sent out on AOM Day, 2002.

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