Acupuncture and Herbs for Panic Attacks


Chief Complaint: Panic Attacks

History: panic attacks set off by exertion, social encounters. 6 year history, 1-2/month.

Symptoms: attacks: gets flushed, palpitations, energy surging upward in her chest (Running Piglet). cold hands and feet, cold body.

Palpation: Pulse: deep thin weak, slightly slippery, KD pulses weak.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Panic Attacks


Chief complaint Panic Attacks

Relevant Medical History This is a generally healthy 32 year old female recently moved here from Italy. She ate a well balanced diet, was not overweight, excersized, and had a normal blood pressure. Over the past three months before she came in she had been experiencing panic attacks that mimicked a heart attack. They would come on suddenly at night, waking her from her sleep. She would wake with a pounding heart, and pain in her chest radiating down her left arm. She had rushed to the emergency room a few times, each time they found no physical abnormality, and no risk to her heart. The frequency of attacks was increasing, from one or two a month to almost every night the week before she came to see me.

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