The Submerged, Deep Pulse (Chen Mai)


Submerged Pulse (?? Chen Mai, deep)

Key point: deep

(Forceful) interior excess condition: excessive pathogenic buy medications online factors obstruct the outward and upward movement of the qi, blood, and yang.

(Forceless) interior deficiency condition: qi and blood cannot fill the channels and thus the pulse remains deep.

Explanation: the forceful deep pulse suggests a pathogenic factor located internally that is preventing the yang qi from naturally rising consistent with its nature. Yang rules “up”. The pathogenic factor that is most difficult for yang to fight is cold. Yang is warm, cold would naturally hence be its nemesis.

The forceless pulse on the other hand is deep because the yang qi is deficient. Yang rules up. Deficiency yang means a lack of “up”. A submerged pulse lacks “up”.

The Submerged Pulse

The Submerged Pulse

Comparison of Deep Pulses

Comparison of Deep Pulses

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