The Acupuncture Treatment of Insomnia


Chief Complaint: 39 years male patient complaining of insomnia, not effective sleeping, awakening tired in the morning, dizziness, fatigue, pensiveness, loss of appetite, feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, nausea but not vomiting.

Medical History: The patient presented has no idea as to the cause of his condition. It exists for long ago with a slow onset but the symptoms were aggravated from one month, especially the mental tiredness, fatigue and insomnia.

He is not smoking, drinking alcohol only on a special occasion, with poor appetite and impaired sleeping. He has a stressful job.Suffer from dizziness.There is nothing abnormal with the defecation and passing urine. He is running each and every weekend.

Questioning exam: Better in a hot weather and worse in a cold weather. The dizziness gets worse by overworking and standing up suddenly.

Patient has a poor appetite.

Pulse exam: Pulse: Deep,weak, slightly slow.

Tongue exam: Tongue:Pale body with thin white coating.

The patient is looking withdrawn type personality, anxious with sallow complexion. Weak and shallow breathing, not eager to speak, quiet, liability to be angry.

OM Diagnosis:
According to the eight principles: Yin, Internal, Deficiency, Cold

According to the cause: The overwork and overstress depleted the Spleen and Heart. The over contemplation damage the Spleen

The substance involved: Qi and Blood Deficiency.

According to the organ diagnosis: Spleen and Heart deficiency. Spleen Qi and Blood deficiency. Heart Blood deficiency.

Analysis: Deficiency of Qi and Blood leads to Qi declining and Blood Shortage, resulting in lassitude, and weak pulse. Sallow complexion with pale tongue are manifestation of a poor Blood supply. The white coating of the tongue, the slightly slow pulse and the aversion to cold indicate cold condition. The dysfunction of the Spleen and Stomach in transformation and transportation cause tiredness, liability to be anger, nausea, poor appetite. Blood deficiency is unable to nourish the heart which is housing the mind, leading to insomnia.

Treatment Principle: Treat both the “root” equals to the pattern and the “manifestation” equals to the clinical symptoms. Tonify Spleen and Heart.

Point Prescription:

Shenmen HT7, Shu-Stream and yuan Source Point calm the heart and soothes the mind, for the irritability and insomnia.

Sanyinjiao SP6, The crossing point of the Liver, Kidney and Splen Meridians, for internal deficiency.

Zusanli ST36, general tonification point, for QI deficiency.

Zhangmen LR13, Front-Mu Point of the Spleen, Influence point for Zhang Organs, especially for Spleen deficiency.

Xinshu UB15, Back-Shu point of the Heart to nourish the Heart.

Fengchi GB20.

Between the sessions ear studs were adopted at : Shenmen, Heart, Occiput and Subcortex

The treatment was performed twice a week.

Herbal Formula: N/A

Lifestyle Prescription: N/A

Results: I consider the result as good.
After the second session, the insomnia, irritability and the dizziness were markedly improved.When the course of 8 treatments was completed , the patient’s symptoms disappeared.The pulse was change to normal rate and forceful. The tongue was changed to red with thin layer of coating. The most significant to the patient was the feeling of well being.

Synopsis: In this case of insomnia and fatigue was adopted acupuncture with auricular acuruncture in combination and additional Moxa over certain needles.

Courtesy of:
Emil Beltchev MBCHB, Acup.TCM-SAMAS, SUAH
11 Rubida, 176 Rubida St.
Pretoria, Gauteng 0184 South Africa
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